Current Startups


Raize looks to create a mobile application that rewards commuters who choose to exercise instead of driving or taking public transport.

Naked Necessities

Naked Necessities aims to tackle the global issue of plastic pollution. Working closely with local businesses and suppliers, Naked Necessities has sourced a wide variety of fresh, local produce, and environmentally friendly household and cleaning products.

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Free Moovement

Freemoovement is a community-led, health improvement activity group for people who need some motivation to get fit and prefer to use the outdoor environment to exercise.

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The Solar Range

The Solar Range designs, produces and sells a collection of high quality, solar powered street furniture which is marketed both domestically and worldwide.

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binit is a platform which allows businesses to collectively purchase waste management services. binit uses insights from data to tailor solutions aimed at reducing waste and increasing the value of products and resources throughout their life cycle. binit is now working in our Advance programme.

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We’re proud of our previous start-ups, many of whom continue to work with the Exeter Velocities team. Our alumni include:
Black Dog Rides

A social enterprise to help people suffering with mental health issues.

Black Dog Rides is a way of offering people the chance to get out into the fresh air on a bike, to
use sustainable transport and to clear their mind.


Cycling in cities is growing again. People are driving the change, public policies are turning to
make the bicycle a core mode of transport in cities, and local businesses are profiting from the
more local lifestyles. Biklio will take this wave to another level by creating a permanent incentive
system for cycling.

Biklio connects bicycle users, shops, employers and city, distributing benefits to people
traveling by bike.

The app cycling detection engine understands in the background when the user is cycling and
when they’re eligible for benefits offered by local players.

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Art and Energy

Art and Energy tells the story of energy in our culture from the beginning of the industrial revolution
through to creating a vision for our energy future, to demonstrate how the arts can be an
important part of public engagement and cultural shift towards to a low carbon economy.

This pioneering venture brings new voices to the debate around energy; adding colour and
diverse perspectives to the energy challenge which in its turn provides new ways in to the
subject, broadening engagement and revitalising discussion.

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AtoB is an on-demand mobility service. Their mission is to help develop communities through the provision of shared social experiences. This will take the form of an on-demand coach service for Exeter based parents and children to enjoy fun day trips together while visiting the best local attractions.

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Ride On

Ride On is a charity which aims to encourage future car drivers to consider cycling as a relevant alternative to driving by removing some of the perceived obstacles to riding. They are seeking to establish sustainable bicycle training and maintenance courses as well as considering questions around defining a value for social impact.

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The aim of QBots is to become the world’s leading provider of renewable energy software and integration services. Its mission is to make solar and battery energy storage a fundamental part of a cleaner, more intelligent distributed energy infrastructure. The QBots.AI software platform will optimise the performance of energy storage, lowering costs and maximizing return on investment throughout the system’s life.

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The GreenRide app is a platform which facilitates on-demand car sharing for commuters and ad hoc travellers on intra-city Exeter journeys. Making a short trip in Exeter? GreenRide allows you to share your vehicle with people going in the same direction. GreenRide is now working in our Advance programme.

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Escargo is a Cargo Bike last mile delivery service focused on providing a zero emissions, affordable, high quality logistics support for businesses within Exeter. They are seeking to develop a MVP and establish the market opportunity for last mile delivery in Exeter.

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Demo Days

Demo Day is the culmination of the current Nurture Incubator programme. It’s an opportunity for the participating start-ups, press, investors and the community to come together to see the progress the teams have made in addressing Exeter’s challenges, and to celebrate the participants’ hard work.
Demo Day Two

May 2018

The Teams:

  • Art & Energy
  • Biklio
  • Black Dog Rides
  • Freemoovement
  • Naked Necessities
  • Solar Range

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Demo Day One

August 2017

The Teams:

  • AtoB
  • Binit
  • Escargo
  • GreenRide
  • RideOn
  • QBots

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