The Exeter Velocities programme has now closed.

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The innovative Exeter Velocities programme launched in 2017 and offered support and funding for start-ups with ideas to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and drive positive social impact.

Built from a desire to build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in the forward-thinking city of Exeter, Exeter Velocities raised almost £6m of investment, and £125k of grant funding into 34 start-ups, brokering 18 city pilots to test new technologies. Teams within the programme raised over £6m in investment.
Supporting businesses with development advice, mentoring and funding, Exeter Velocities generated positive social impact for Exeter, its surrounding areas and the communities that live there. Exeter City Futures have continued to take the city forward, roadmapping Exeter’s journey to net zero, and continues to connect, inspire and champion the way to a sustainable future together.
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Velocities Success Stories

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Escargo was one of the first start-ups supported by Exeter Velocities. As of 2022 it is going strong as CoDelivery, a zero-emission, last mile delivery service using electric-assisted cargo cycles, reducing fossil fuel emissions in the city and improving air quality.
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Binit is a platform for businesses to access hassle-free, better-value waste and recycling services, and was supported by Exeter Velocities as a start up. With innovative monitoring, Binit in 2022 provides brilliant rubbish and recycling services to businesses nationwide.
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Aceleron – was the winner of Shell’s UK and global LiveWIRE entrepreneur innovation programmes and listed in Forbes’ ‘30 under 30’ in 2017. They patented a unique lithium battery pack design that enables them to be repaired, restored and reserviced for new applications. In 2022 Aceleron was awarded the Data Centre World London ‘Environmental product of the year’ and the Sustainability West Midlands ‘Sustainable Energy Use’ award.
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SEaB Energy have patented turnkey Anaerobic Digestion (AD) systems with leading small waste-to-energy products that transform waste on-site to make energy and fertiliser. This international company was supported by Velocities as a start-up.
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Planera Care (formally Polipop) created the ‘world’s only certified flushable pad’ 70% plant-based, with no microplastics, redesigning the whole manufacturing process. The Exeter Velocities programme enabled Polipop to pilot and polish their proposition with real customers, before making a commercial launch.
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Flowx developed a system using computer vision on existing CCTV cameras to help manage traffic flow, Velocities enabled them to cement a pilot of their innovative concept within the City of Exeter. In 2020 Flowx was bought by Vivacity who focus on data insights and building smarter, safer and more sustainable cities.